Chris Shurland


Alfonso Torres


Anna Tao


5 Play

5 Play is one of the hottest improv comedy groups in the Bay Area!  Established in 2010, 5 Play has performed in hundreds of shows together and are the Founding Fathers of the award-winning Made Up Theatre in Fremont, CA.  5 Play will present a fully improvised movie using the Wheel of Genres!  An audience member will spin the Wheel and whatever movie genre it lands on will inspire their movie’s theme.  If you’re looking for a fast-paced, physical, and action-packed improv comedy experience, look no further than 5 Play!  


5 Play has received various accommodations, including Best Improv Group at the Sacramento Comedy Spot and winner of the 2015 International Society for Humor Studies improv competition.

"The Russian" Rosenberg



Miguel Vasquez
Rhonda Navarro


The Card Sharks

Card Sharks is a house team with American Improv Theatre in San Jose, California. Comprised of talented improvisers based in San Jose and Los Angeles, Card Sharks has a following of fans who enjoy their fun, if irreverent, performances.